2018 was a crazy year for tech. Whether it was Facebook’s role in propogating violence that led to genocide in Myanmar, Cambridge Analytica leveraging the ad industry to overturn US and British democracy, or the displacement effects of Airbnb on local communities to name a few; we began to realise the extent of the impact technology has and can have on the world we live in.

I don’t believe that technology is bad, nor that the vast majority of the people (myself included) who design and develop technology based solutions have bad intentions. So what’s going on?

A lot of the social and societal problems we’re seeing at the moment in tech stem from a growing…

A workflow for better insights through team culture & values

Image courtesy of Kristofer Selbekk via Unsplash

I’ve spent the last three months working on an independent research project as the final part of an MA in Digital Experience Design with the lovely people at Common Good in Manchester, England.

I’ve been taking a deeper look at ethics; what considerations are applicable to designers, how ethical review…

Phil Hesketh

I understand complex problems and make things to try and fix them. Lateral thinker. Dot connector. Father of cats. Founder of Ethicskit.org and ConsentKit.io

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